Monday, June 12, 2006

These kids are going to get so depressed in a few years

Interesting story in the Times about a cellphone ringtone only
audible to youngsters. As we age we lose the ability to hear certain tones. Some company in England created a product to make an annoying high-pitched sound that adults couldn't hear as a way to drive teenagers away who were hanging out in front of their stores. But someone realized if you used it as a ring tone then kids could keep their cellphones on in class and teachers wouldn't know it.

So kids are all really happy about this right? But they'll start not being able to hear their ring tone around age 18, on average. So really, this is just another invention to drive home to people that they are getting old, and all those kids feeling they've put something over on their teachers are going to have to face the hard, cold reality of the decline in their physical abilities earlier than ever. Poor kids.

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