Monday, May 24, 2004

The mysteries of obscenities

Was watching an Avril Lavigne video for her current hit, which I think is
called "did you think" and is telling off a guy for thinking he was going to
sleep with her. Like most of Avril songs it's a wonderfully calculated
ditty, managing to do something Britney Spears never could; make virginity a
source of justified fury. But the weird thing is a coupling that goes
something like, "did you really think you would get into my pants/Now I'm
going to have to kick your ass." The weird thing is, "into my pants" was
bleeped out but ass wasn't. Apparently ass is no longer an obscene word,
which doesn't really surprise me, since it's been moving that direction for
some time. But pants is an obscene word now, and that just came right out
of the blue.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Might as well try this out

Heard that blogger now lets you create posts by email, so I thought I'd try
it. Will the ease of this make me more likely to keep up my blog? Probably
not. I am full of opinions but I always have other things to do. They are
not all important things - watching television is one of the main ones - but
I find it hard to sit down and write when there's no reason, no deadline, no
money involved, etc. I admire all the determined bloggers who create a huge
wealth of material, but I shall probably never join their ranks. Time will