Friday, June 25, 2004

Bush's puzzling inability to think of common words

It's something we've all seen countless times. Bush is speaking to the press and he pauses for a very long in the middle of a sentence before he finally comes up with some pedestrian word anyone else would have popped out instantly. For example, the Daily Show had a clip of him mispronouncing Abu Ghraib (a habit with Bush) in which he said something like, "someone brought up the Abu Gharaf ................. situation ...." And I began to wonder why it took him perhaps 10 seconds to come up with the word situation. He could just be incapable of putting words together, or Dick Cheney could be telling him what to say through a small earphone, but I think Bush is just running through a series of his honest responses before finding one that will be
palatable to the American public. I think he wants to say, "someone brought up the Abu Gharaf bullshit again, and I just thought, Jesus Christ, you strip a couple of fucking towel heads naked and everyone gets on your ass." But he can't very well say that, so he says "someone brought up the Abu Gharaf" and then pauses as he runs through the words bullshit, crap, nonsense, annoyance and then situation pops into his head and he goes with that.

So everytime you see Bush pause to come up with a simple word, just think, what really horrible sentence does he really want to insert there?