Monday, April 10, 2006

good idea stuck at the half way point

Yahoo has a nifty feature that will recommend movies to you based on how your ratings of movies compare to other user's rating. It's not perfect, recommending some movies I would never want to see and ignoring movies I would love, but it's interesting. I am less interesting in the theatrical recommendations than the movies on TV recommendations. I don't see that many movies, and since when I do go I go with Debbie it's not just about what I would like.

Unfortunately, Yahoo's TV recommendations system is a mess, and it doesn't look like they have any intention of fixing it, since early on I sent them a lot of feedback (they have a link for feedback in a prominent position, so apparently they want it) and nothing has changed. First off, while it recommends movies I would like, it always is 3 hours off on the time the movie starts, even though it has in its records that my zip code is 10009 and I use Time Warner cable.

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