Saturday, March 24, 2007

pet food made by animal haters?

There's a move to boycott Menu Foods, the company who makes seemingly 80% of all the cat and dog foods in the world and who recently made news when a bad batch started killing animals. There are two reasons people want to boycott Menu Foods, first because they knew about the dangers weeks before they issued a recall, and second because after learning some animals had gotten sick, they
fed the tainted food to lab animals to see how many would die. For comparison, when people have died from ingesting something purchased at a drug store like tainted aspirin, the aspirin companies did not start feeding aspirin to prison inmates to see if it was really dangerous or not.

Those are pretty good reasons to boycott Menu Foods, but I don't know if I can do it. I might be able to switch my cat's dry food, but she will only eat one flavor of one brand of wet food.

But I do think I'll try to see if I can find something outside of the Menu Foods universe to feed my cat. Even though I am covered with scratches, I'd still like to keep her alive.

Update: I bought a bunch of cat foods not in the menu foods universe, and while my cat Tropicata rejected Pet Guard, she likes both Innova's dry and wet food, so I am going to boycott menu foods. CORRECTION: Menu Foods makes that too, so I'm still checking (see comment from Anonymous below).

Update 2: Just saw this about Natura, who make Innova, saying they're working on dropping Menu Foods and in the meantime will have an inspector on site at Menu Foods facilities. So I give them credit for that. My cat will also eat Triumph though, which apparently is not connected to Menu Foods, but she actually seems to like California Natural, which is another Natura brand (it would be a lot easier if companies would just use one brand name instead of half a dozen). So I might stick with Natura cat foods just because my cat seems more enthusiastic about them than what she has been eating.

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  1. sorry to tell you bud, but Menu Foods makes Innova's wet food. Here's a link to who and who does not work with them.