Saturday, September 24, 2005

the comments are just flooding in

Well, after all this time, I finally got a comment on one of my blog entries. And it was spam. I didn't even know there were spam comments, but there are. I suppose some sort of bot handles it, finding blogs and posting anonymous advertisements.

I suspect the reason this has happened now is because I was mentioned on a blog with a lot of readers, What's Next. It's down by a woman named B.L. who I know from swing dance school. I told her I had a blog so she looked at it and posted a link to one of my entries. A couple of days later I got my first comment and was excited for that fraction of a second before I saw what it was.

Still, if actual people aren't commenting on my blog, at least mindless software drones are.

1 comment:

  1. Got another spam comment, so I had to turn on something that makes people type a code word to post comments. It's one of these things where there's a graphic of a word with the letters askew enough to make bots unable to figure out what it is (of course, the bots are always getting smarter, so someday they may be able to read anything we can read).